Prototyping Madness Starts Soon!

Posted by Jesse on Sun 11/18/2012 09:33 AM

Heads up, Puzzle Pals! We're getting ready to try something different. As we've been discussing here, we're looking at making changes to the way Puzzle Clubhouse works. We haven't got it all figured out yet, but we're really coming to believe that this place may work better if it focuses less on "a game a month about Jasper and Cornelius" and more on "bring your game ideas and if the community likes 'em, we'll build 'em!" Our first experiment will come with the next episode, (which we are calling episode 5, because we are going to renumber the episodes, making Laz0r Frogs #1, and the time travel episode #4). The big change for episode 5 will be that we will open up submissions of game ideas on an ongoing basis, and based on member votes, we'll prototype the most popular ideas a little bit at a time, and eventually we'll have everyone vote as to which prototype should become the finished episode 5. Longer term, we may be making more radical changes, but for now, this will let us experiment with this new system of parallel prototyping, to see how it feels. 

The thing we know for sure: Prototyping multiple games in parallel will definitely take longer than our old system of just picking an idea and running with it. So, we don't expect to have episode 5 up for January 1. In fact, we're not at all sure how long it will take to get it done -- we're guessing 3 months, but that's just a guess. It might sound like a bummer to have to wait -- but the upside is that there will be lots of prototypes to test and talk about along the way! This is all crazy and experimental, but we're doing it because we really believe it will be more fun for everyone. So -- get your game ideas ready, because we're getting ready to make them a reality! Watch this space, and we'll have more info about next steps soon!