What is Puzzle Clubhouse?

Puzzle Clubhouse was an experiment in crowd-designed games, created by Jesse Schell, author of the award winning book The Art of Game Design.

The Puzzle Clubhouse community created, submitted, and voted on game concepts, story ideas, and artwork, working with professional game developers to produce and release a new game every month. Click above to play the games we created together!

Latest News

Laz0r Frogs Level Editor Posted by Dave on Tue 11/13/2012 01:22 PM

Love Laz0r Frogz?? Ever want to make your own Laz0r Frogz levelz? Well your wish has been granted! Click here to start making your own levelz!

Make it easy, make it hard, make a pattern...it's totally up to you! You can even show off your mad skillz by sharing your sweet levelz with a friend!