Clubhouse Rules

Community Guidelines

What Puzzle Clubhouse is all About

Puzzle Clubhouse is a place where the community is invited to the table with the developers. Everyone's ideas and opinions are welcome, and it's up to us to discuss and work out what we want Puzzle Clubhouse to be. In a very real way, what Puzzle Clubhouse becomes is in the hands of the community- it belongs to all of us, and we all need to take care of it.

When we're making things, there will be disagreements. It's completely okay to debate and discuss different ideas and how they can be made better. In fact- iteration is how things like games and stories are made, and are made better. But at the end of the day, we're all part of the same club(house), and we're all working together.

Because of that, there are a few things we ask that all of our members keep in mind:

Everyone is Welcome at Puzzle clubhouse

Puzzle Clubhouse only becomes better with more ideas. Even if ideas aren't chosen, they're still important to see and think about. Because of that, the PCH community needs to be a place where new people and new ideas are always welcome.

  • Everyone's opinion matters- even if they're wrong. All ideas are helpful- even if they're bad. Even if we get into arguments, at the end of the day, we're all working together.
  • Be kind to people. Everyone comes to the community with different skills and experiences. Never assume that everyone should know the same things as you, and if someone doesn't know something, help them.

Respect Your Fellow Creators

  • Be mindful that it takes effort and courage to share your ideas, so once again: be kind. Every idea and submission you read about is someone else's thought about what they think is best. Critique is important, but keep it constructive, and point out good ideas and right moves when they happen.
  • If your idea isn't well received, don't take it to heart. Everyone has good ideas, and everyone will have some not so good ideas, too. Don't hold it against someone if they give you honest feedback that you disagree with.
  • Arguments will happen- but an argument should always be about an idea, and never about the person behind it.

Respect the Forum Guidelines

  • Don't spam threads or comments. Spamming posts in a thread makes it hard for everyone to follow the discussion. If your post doesn't get a reply- give it a while.
  • Try to keep discussions in the right forum sections, and especially in popular threads.
  • Don't just post- Listen! The forums are an important part of Puzzle Clubhouse. Keep in mind that every thread is important to someone, and is an ongoing discussion about an idea. Listen to what they have to say before replying, and try to help keep threads on topic.

On Mature Content

Puzzle Clubhouse is for everyone. It's not specifically for kids, but we want to keep it kid friendly, because it lets more people out there see, and enjoy the things that we create! Good humor doesn't need to be "adults only" to be funny.

  • Excessive violence / gore is never okay. Puzzle Clubhouse follows the same world rules as an action cartoon, so what we're talking about here is real-world violence, dismemberment etc.
  • No explicit nudity, for the same reasons.
  • Anything that is funny because it incorporates swearing. If you're relying on swearing to make something funny- it's not funny.

There's a lot of gray area for interpretation when it comes to mature content. The PCH team reviews every submission we get- and these guidelines are what we follow when approving submissions for voting.

Play Fair

Every day Puzzle Clubhouse is being built and added to. Letting us know about bugs and exploits helps take care of it, and makes it a better place for everyone.

  • If you find a bug or a vulnerability, don't use it, and tell us about it through email or Private Messages only.
  • Using any method to cheat these systems including but not limited to fake/bot accounts isn't allowed.

Everyone helps make Puzzle Clubhouse what it is, but it's the dev team's job to keep PCH a welcoming place for everyone. No member has the right to play Puzzle Clubhouse in a way that harms or ruins the experience for anyone else.

Forum Guidelines:

Gentlepersons of all persuasions, allow us to welcome you to the most cultured establishment for discussing the proper way to attach laser beams to frogs: the Puzzle Clubhouse Forum Foyer.

All members, the handsome and less handsome among us, are welcome and encouraged to create, critique, build, and debate! The best games are made through iteration and collaboration, and the more ideas are shared and built upon, the better they become.

But because Puzzle Clubhouse is a place of class, we must resolve to handle our differences like sirs (and she-sirs)! To this end, we have drafted the first revision of The Puzzle Clubhouse Code of Keepin' it Classy™, the contents of which follow below.

The Puzzle Clubhouse Code of Keepin' it Classy™

  1. Everyone's Welcome in Puzzle Clubhouse: (Help new people.)
    The doors of Puzzle Clubhouse are wide open. Visitors and new members will surely arrive regularly. As a true gentleperson, you have an obligation to aid your fellow adventure-architects in becoming acquainted with, and feeling welcome in the Clubhouse. (TL;DR- Help new people.)
  2. Keep it Classy: (PG Humor is classy humor.)
    As both creators and dapper individuals, we have an obligation to make sure our creations are as classy as we are. To that end, keep all discussions and submissions proper enough to be rated PG, were it to be put into a movie.
  3. Debate with Gusto, but Debate with Honor: (Debates are encouraged, personal attacks aren't.)
    Iteration is the key to success. The more an idea is shared and critiqued, the better it can become. Some ideas are great, and some not so much, but the discussion should always be about the merits of an idea itself, and never the person behind it. Personal attacks of any kind are decidedly un-classy, and will never be tolerated.
  4. And above all: Ne'er be a Ne'erdowell: (Don't be a jerk.)

By accepting the PCH Code of Keepin' it Classy (CKiC), you agree to, well, keep it classy. In exchange, you will receive a very sophisticated looking monocle in the form of the "Classy" badge. Wear it with pride. Classy, classy pride.

For more information please see our Terms of Service.