Prototype 4 - Rainbow Collect

Build rainbows by gathering colors in the correct order -- but don’t let the wrong color touch you!

Rainbow Collect is a prototype by Schell Games programmer Shawn. The starting idea for the game was, “What if you had to collect things in a certain order, just by moving your mouse?”

Rainbows seemed like a good fit for a game involving collecting things in order, since there’s a set order to the colors of the rainbow. In the first prototype of the game, there was no colored border to indicate the color to pursue -- the player had to identify which color to go after with no help from the interface. This proved to be difficult for players to track, especially if an incorrect color hit the rainbow without them noticing, causing the current target color to change. Adding the colored border to the gameplay area really helped communicate the current target color, and in response to playtesting feedback we kept making the border bigger, up to its present size. We also tried a version of the game in which the player could rotate the rainbow as well as move it, and players had to collect the colors by catching them in the curved cup of the rainbow. This was a neat addition to gameplay but also added some complexity, and we ended up going back to the simpler version. If we were to continue iterating on Rainbow Collect we might experiment with this some more, and would also revisit the end levels to make them more balanced in terms of difficulty.

Would you be interested in seeing further iteration passes on Rainbow Collect? Let us know if there are game mechanic changes you’d like to experiment with or additional elements you think would be fun!