Prototype 2 - Burn Up

Use your mouse to follow the path of the quick-burning fuse before it burns up!

Burn Up is a prototype by Schell Games programmer John K. It was inspired by the Crystal Maze game show challenge “Buzz Wire,” in which contestants have to move a metal ring along a wire without allowing the ring to touch the wire.

Our first prototyping question was “How well does this physical challenge translate to a Flash game you play with your mouse?” A quick initial prototype of Burn Up focused entirely on accuracy over speed -- players had to move their mouse cursor along a line, keeping their movements within a tight threshold. This bare-bones prototype playtested well, so we continued experimenting. Additional iterations added time pressure by having the line “burn up,” reduced the required amount of accuracy by tracking mouse movement through points on the line rather than over its entire length, and introduced more interesting line shapes that could tie in with object in a Puzzle Clubhouse story.

Would you be interested in seeing further iteration passes on Burn Up? Let us know if there are game mechanic changes you’d like to experiment with or level designs you think would be fun!